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As the official scoreboard for the music industry, Billboard is giving you a chance to own one-of-a-kind digital collectibles (NFTs) that capture the most iconic moments in music’s history and its future.
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How it works

In accordance with the charts, Billboard ChartStars drops fresh collections consistently, highlighting chart moves, special releases, retrospective achievements, anniversaries and more. You can collect NFTs celebrating your favorite songs and artists, unlocking real-life rewards along the way.

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Get exclusive rewards like tickets to the 2023 Billboard Music Awards, meet-and-greets with your favorite artists, early access to future drops, and more.

Unlocking the Billboard Universe

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    Top-scoring collectors have the chance to hit their own No. 1 spot on the Billboard ChartStars leaderboard, unlocking IRL rewards.

Featured Drop

Join Billboard ChartStars today to be the first to collect the Hot 100 Pass, a digital collectible honoring one of the biggest charts. The collectible will also serve as a special Billboard ChartStars pass, offering rewards, exclusive access to other drops and entry to a private Discord chat.
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